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The new generation of eco-anarchists

As the government keeps on ignoring the interests of people and nature, since April 2020, a group of eco-activists called "Moni" decided to squat the Seehausener forest in the Altmark, Germany. They live in tree-houses by choosing to directly prevent the cutting and construction of the highway A14 by resisting actively to the ecocide of the biosphere reserve of the Elbe river landscape.
This forest´s occupation believes in the noble ideal of eco-anarchy. By destroying the concept of man's dominion over nature that derives from the concept of man's domination over man, Moni is a space without hierarchy where the revolution starts from the interpersonal, from living together in freedom, in solidarity, in neutrality and forming oneself without an authority that imposes power. They aspire to an enlightened humanity in an ecologically harmonious society.


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