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The project Shred the Patriarchy focuses on the stories of some Moroccan women who practice skateboarding despite the hard social and family reper-cussions that are forced to suffer for this choice not yet accepted within the moroccan society. The international reputation of Morocco as a reformist and progressive country it is still contradictory when it comes to women which continue to face signifi-cant obstacles. Their social, economic and political participation, as well as in the sport’s sphere is still minimized or completely denied. Skateboarding is no exception. If you are a woman you should not practice it. I found it quite important to discover the voices of those few women who deci-ded to break the unsaid rules and to shred around despite the judgments and punishments they receive because of their rebel spirits transforming skatebo-arding in a form of resistance to patriarchy. They can no longer accept being what society wants women to be: creatures of weakness. I could document how the skate subculture can be a tool to promote empowerment and social inclusion especially for girls who have so few opportunities to express themselves and communicate freely.

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