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        Lost in the sea

In this desperate episode,

Liberty and Justice for all.


The decadence of human being through the modern migration.

In the last years we’ve heard a lot about the crisis of migrants. 

Populations tired of living below the poverty line, abuses and exploitation, in order to find a better life, they started to move. 

The migrants are the result of years of suffering, deprivation and exploitation provoked by European countries which transformed one of the richest territory on earth, in the poorest continent in the world, Africa.

For whom have been lucky enough to born in Europe, including me, listen to their stories give birth to another prospective in considering the “Crisis of Migrants”. 

Ignorance of the people has always been used as a control tool implemented mostly trought the media manipolation by the governaments.

A population that doesn’t know its easier to use and manipulate to its own advantage.

This is what it’s happening, right now in Europe.

The mass media doens’t want to face the Libya question for what it really is.

Europe, by supporting economically a dangerous and fregmented country, is collaborating to finance the atrocities commetted to the migrant populations, an accomplice itself of human trafficking.

We have to overcome the boundaries of prejudice and discrimination, and facilitate the cultural integration of the new arrivals in the country.

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