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Commemoration Orion Operation,

Park of San Javier,

Comuna13, Medellin.


On October 16, 2002, the Orión operation began in the Comuna 13.

A violent urban war, a “liberation” from the armed group at the edge of the law, that has caused a deep laceration in the community and however is far away from be cured. 

The people was forced to live in fear. Death has become a daily event and the shock became a social element. The inhabitants of this sector have been imprisoned in a mood of suspicion towards each other.

This social injustice provoked a massacre of defenseless people and a follow struggle in the search of  TRUTH, of the faces ripped out without reason, DISAPPEARED.

The children who lived this conflict, who they hid in the arms of their families listening to the shots, today they are meeting for commemorate the fallen to succeed to break the silence and shout loudly : ORION NEVER AGAIN.

Their strength is creating a movement of Resistance, walking the path of the long life, turning the pain and the justifiable revenge in ART, because nothing justifies the homicide.

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