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In a cloudy day, forgotten bodies emerge before our eyes.

There are more the three thousand bodies have never been identified, who has been robbed to the family,  the possibility to recover the memories of the victims,

Nameless bones buried in mass graves are located in the Universal Cemetery of Medellin, Columbia.

Victims of the State that has failed to stop the narco’s penetration in the Public Security, guilty of its negligence in protecting its people from the massacres.

In the 90’s in Medellin nothing was sure. The own safety, it was in the street of the Comunas or at home, ceased to exist.

No one was save in living the uncertainty of a tomorrow.

Among the inhabitants, as for a law directly proportional to the pain, becomes evident a mistrust anchored in the soul of the individual.

The society of suspicion.

At any moment you were gone, just disappear.

Who, where and why are questions whose families never can have answer.

You disappear, that’s all. Like snow in the sun

 The 10th October 2018 in the cemetery, as every week, the students of the the Polytechnic University of Antioquia were making exhumations of the victims of the “desaparición forzada”

Seven bodies in this day have seen the light.

Two teenagers and five babies positioned in white coffins

Any family were present.

The Catholic Church built a business upon death itself and the majority of desaparecidos are campesinos and people from the poorest Comunas , the so-called “estrato 1” condemned to the absence of the State and so the facilitation of the control to the lords of drug.

Victims of oppression before and after death.

The money for a body in the ossuary are around the $20.000 and $30.000 pesos monthly, a huge sacrifice, sometimes impossible to achieve.

The Catholic Church condemn to forgetfulness all those who don’t succeed to reach the numbers of the business of death.

In memory of Mateo González, Maria Valentina, the daughters of Yorledys Amparo Tabares, the sons of Katherine Valencia Orrego, Lennys Eulandy David Guerra and all the victims of the war of drug.

Always will be alive your memories

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